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Here you will find some recommended Mods for Assetto Corsa , many of these were made by the Staff of PlayerZone Team. The files are free to download, but all protected by Copyright. It is not allowed to publish unauthorized changes.

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RSR Formula 3 - Dallara 1.1

RSR Formula 3 - Dallara 1.1
Dimensione file:
83.41 MB
02. Dic 2015
Numero download:
265 x
Formula 3 cars has been always very important for RSR Team.
Already from our netKar PRO time, when we were constantly organizing championships, we always considered this car as one of the nicest car to race with. Fast, but not too much, easy to drive, difficult to master. For sure a great car that allows to have very close and exciting races. Engine soung by elMariachi90.
Here are the main features in the RSR Formula 3:
- Realistic physics, based entirely on real life data, verified with telemetry and driver feedback. Same laser scanned track, same car, same setup, same driver.
- Suspension and dampers modelled in details, after measuring them on the real car.
- full analysis on suspension geometry and dynamics (Roll Centers, Anti Squat, Anti Dive, KPI, Caster, Tyre Offset,Scrub Radius, Springs and Damper Rates, Critical Damping, Suspension Travel and so on)
- Fully spec'd aerodynamics. Advanced mathematical model created to fit with minimal loss of information, the complex aero measurements into AC aerodynamics model.
- the model is taking into account also wings interactions (disturbance of the front wing angle on the efficiency of the rear wing).

Since it's not possible at the moment to model this in a dynamic way (hopefully in pipeline at KS), the mathematical model I've worked on, it is tuned to get realistic aero balance altering wings. Optimal results on commonly used wing angles.
- Front Spitter, underbody and Diffuser stalling at realistic height
- Tyres modelled in detail. Tire wear tuned with the help of the driver, tyre grip from official tyre manufacturer data. Dependency on pressure, temperature, real tyre rates and so on.
- 3 different tyre compounds. The only real one is the AVON Medium tyre, the other tyres are created with plausible modification from the official one.
- Engine tuned with realistic drive train loss. Fuel consumption tuned with real measurements.
- Setup screen based purely on real values. Real gear ratios, wings modifications, suspension/damper settings, min/max values adjusted to real values.
- Brakes calculations to match real values
- Throttle position from measurements
- Gearbox timing tuned with telemetry data

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PLZ Sound Designer

Davide "elMariachi90" Cervone
Davide Cervone

Settore: Ingegneria Meccanica

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